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Mobile Applications & Web 2.0

Flexibility, mobility, use of native functions IOS / Android / Web for a better experience.

Communications & Social Networks

natural integration of social networks, 1-Click sharing, notifications & datas reduction of use.

Economic Models & Optimization

Unlimited + revolution of economical models, finally letting you optimize your income sustainably.

About us

Our job, our passion.

Our mobile appplications are easy to use, based on the interaction and the latest multimedia technologies (IoT soon) to offer everyone the real power of what makes our everyday lives: smartphone, web, communication.

At McLeed we especially believe that our smartphones are already capable of much more, to make our lives easier, what is offered to us there.

The French-Tech 2.0 for everyone.
We also assume fact that current economic models are numerous enough to offer a free application for individuals, despite the months and thousands of hours spent in its development.


Constant innovation


IOS - Android - Web

Internet Of Things

>1/3 of budget in projects


Web 2.0 - Notifications

McLeed's Applications

CallBridge Mobile

Our application, CallBridge Mobile, lets you on IOS & Android, launch your mobile calls and send your SMS, directly from your computer.
Other functions :
- create/add your appointment,
- send text (to clipboard),
- open an URL,
- and even an address for GPS guidance.
All this from the keyboard of your computer, and instantly, without cable, simply through notifications.
Callbridge Mobile is Free, available on IOS & Android.
The Sending Module exists as : standalone PC, Web version and Chrome extension (soon available).

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Looking to 'learn' french in a fun way ?
Catchline: our app where we have sorted and grouped the top panels of the Web.
They are grouped by categories (Humor, Love, Work, Proverbs, ...). You can sort, search on any word, add them to your favorites.
Native integration of social networks :
- Facebook,
- Instagram,
- Twitter,
- WhatsApp,
- SMS, Mail...
The best Punchlines are here. And you can share everyone.
Catchline is Free, available on IOS & Android. (only in french)

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Soon Available - IOS/Android.

Revolution in the way your business communicates and tracks your "on-the-field" workers/marketers/agents/...
Immediate. Trackable. Unlimited.
Send them : directions, calls, messages, RDV, contacts...
Maximize your communication and your income with CentralBridge.

Inform me of the availability of CentralBridge.

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